Kudos for Foster Professionals

My article, THOSE CRAPPY DCS WORKERS, was shared over 10,000 times in the first 24 hours that it was published.   It also gained a lot of heartfelt comments.  This tells me that we have a serious problem on our hands.  We have a multitude of DCS Professionals in the trenches on a daily basis and their job comes with heavy burdens and very few thank yous.

Let’s show our appreciation by giving them a heartfelt THANK YOU!  If you have a DCS Professional to thank, please do so in the comments section below.

CAUTION!  Please do NOT mention any children’s names and as always, we must maintain confidentiality regarding cases.

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  • Annette, Madison County, Indiana
    Thank you for entrusting us with our girl and for granting permission for her to move with us. Had we lost her, we would have been heartbroken. Our lives are greatly enriched because she is in it. Thank you for believing in us and for trusting us with her.

      • I agree–they need more than just a thank you. There is so much case workers go through in their jobs. I admire the people who work in CPS. I feel sorry for those who do their best to protect the innocents only to find out the courts sent the children back into the same situation. These workers go home not knowing how long they will be able to stay with their own children. Thank you again to all the loyal and caring CPS workers!

    • There are a lot of people I would like to thank and there are some I never will be able to. I was the foster child. Even harder I was a foster teen. I was angry and rebellious and just plain stupid sometimes. The sad part is I don’t know why especially since I am the one who asked for help. Still I lashed out. I was also very selfish. I never thought about the hurt and frustration I was putting my caseworkers through every time I did something dumb. I never took into account that I was keeping them from their families. For that I am sorry. To lighten this up slightly I want to thank Sue Tucker and Melissa Young and so many more that made my foster care experience a little more bearable. I’m sorry I was such a butt head and thank you for all you did for me and all the craziness you tolerated.

      • Hey, I wasn’t YOUR caseworker but I was A caseworker and I promise you I speak for your caseworker, we LOVE you and you have nothing to apologize for, just please make us proud and show us you succeed

      • My God…you made me realize how much I need to apologize for…Thanks for writing this.God Bless

    • Robyn, Flint Michigan
      Being the mother of a CPS worker, (Child Protective Services worker) I constantly worry about the safety of MY CHILD. She has gone to a call where there has been a shooting as she is arriving to the complex she was called to. She works so much overtime,(not getting paid for it) because her caseload is so high she is afraid of getting fired or for her own sanity for not having
      her caseload under 12. She has bought clothes for children with her own money and as a family we have taken beds to homes where children are sleeping on the floor. Since she started working there she has anxiety over things she has seen and on medication for it. She is scarred over things she has seen. She is also frustrated with a system that refuses to remove a child from the home when she thinks it is warrented because the courts want to keep the family together. She then has to worry about the child going back to the home not knowing if they wil be safe or killed. I don’t know if people realize how much can be done by a CPS worker, most times their hand are tied. I am so proud of my child her fight for the children she represents. She truly is my Idol and I am grateful to her everyday.

    • As a spouse of a Social Worker I am sometimes the listener , so my spouse can unload or debrief or whatever you may call it. I wish everyone, especially the media, would read this. Maybe then they would, even if just a little, understand what it is you guys go through to do the jobs you do.
      Just know that you do make a difference!!
      You are appreciated!!

    • Thank you to Wendy Savino, Hamilton County, IN DCS CW. You are beyond good at your job. We appreciate you being patient and encouraging to us. Thank you for choosing us to foster our sweet babies. We are so appreciative of your hard work.

    • I interviewed more than 30 DCS workers in a rural area about their jobs, and once they knew they could talk without any retribution (it was for a book and they had complete anonymity) they let loose. God bless the social workers of the world. (The foster parents were even more afraid. They couldn’t be real people: saints or sinners, not just parents.

  • Amy, Bartow County, Georgia
    Thank you for bringing us our children, for saving them from trauma and working so hard to make sure they never had to go back to the nonsense. We love you and feel so blessed to have you in our lives! You are brave, faithful, and strong!

  • Thank you for doing what you could for the children I referred to you. I was an elementary school principal, and called you many, many times. You couldn’t always do what I would want you to do for the children, but you understood my fears for them, and I knew I could refer again if I needed to. Although I dealt with the same families you did, I also dealt with loving, supportive families who raised their children with common sense, attention, care, and support, so I got to rest. Thank you for your hard work, your tenacity, and your care. You will probably never know what a positive difference you made in many children’s lives, but be sure that you have helped many.

  • Thank you Sarah, we miss you greatly! Thank you to Camille, Shannon and Victoria of Benton County, Arkansas.
    Thank you to All and the supervisors!

  • My daughter is a case worker for DCFS and has told me of a couple of things that scare her about her job and quite frankly scare me as well. She had to use her own vehicle a couple of times for home visits, which is a late model sports car. It is very recognizable… She is a single mother of 2 small children, and worries about retaliation. She also has learned that statistics say that the average time on the job before burning out its only about five to ten years. So these people go to school to earn a four year degree, see things they can never “un-see”, live on practically nothing, and then burn out in a few years after putting their heart and soul into their career.
    I, for one am very proud of my child for taking on this mountainous responsibility to be a child’s advocate. Huge kudos to my baby girl!

  • Thanks to an awesome case worker, (Sharon, Summit County, Ohio) I am mom to a great little girl. If it wasn’t for the case worker, I would have given up on this little girl during the first month! Thanks Sharon!!! I will forever be greatful to you for ALL you do!!!

  • Courtney Michelle thank you doing this difficult and stressful job. You have a big heart and mine fills with pride that you will be my daughter-in-law.

  • Melissa Dancer – Area 2 Caseworker. You are an amazing person. Even though I have a career in teaching and am nearly 32 years old. You make me want to be a DHS Caseworker or CASA Volunteer when I grow up!

  • Kelly, thank you for the work you do every day to help the children of Northern Illinois stay safe. I know the job can be very stressful and sometimes you feel helpless with the legal system. I also want to thank all of the social workers everywhere. I am sure the job is difficult no matter what state you represent.

  • I work as office support staff in a non profit, private agency in MI. We have a wonderful, compassionate staff of foster care case workers who give tirelessly of themselves for the sake of the children. So much is expected of them with scant appreciation. I would like to thank Kathi & her team- Holly, Shawna, Alecia & Crystal – for all you do daily on behalf of children & families. I’m proud to work with you all.

  • Thank you. Most case workers are overloaded harassed give their lives and long hours to their jobs and those kids. The government takes advantage of these selfless people. People who don’t know a caseworker has no idea what they go through on a daily basis. My heart goes out to them. The children are their priority and the decisions they have to make are emotionally draining. Kudos to them.

  • I was proud when my son told me he was going to be a DCS professional. I knew he would be making a impact in peoples lives. Isn’t that what we all want? Thank you David for who you are and what you’re doing, you are making a difference.

  • Dear DCS/CPS/DCFS/DCYF workers,

    I’m forever grateful for my experience as being one and understand the fear, stress, and disrespect you get from mostly everyone including the judges and even some of your own higher paying staff! Keep doing what you’re doing because without courages people like yourselves many children would suffer so much more!!! I wish the haters actually see how important your job is and I hope it never comes down to You all having to protest to protect your rights as human beings because that would really be the end for humanity!!!
    I also believe you should be paid more…a lot more!!!

  • TEE EPPS. I truly so noe know what your work days are like, but I do know as my God daughter that you do your utmost best in caring for children. I love you and am very proud of you for doing the work that you do that goes unappreciated at times. I hope you have enjoyed some of the positive things listed in this article. God keep you safe at all times and protect you and your fellow social workers from any harm.

  • My Daughter-in-Law is a case worker and works many long hours and travels many miles to do her job. I give her a lot of credit as it is a very hard job to do all that she does, in the name of helping children and all concerned to make their live livable. I am so very proud of her and I can’t tell her enough times that she is a rock in a hard place to work. I pray that God protects her and the children she works for and that people stop and realize that it is a job that she chooses to do. Thank you to all of our Case workers and the sacrifices they make mentally, physically and keep on keeping on. Bless you all.

  • My daughter was in this field and I as a mother seen a change in her. She was depressed, angry (at the system) because of the wrong decisions being made by judges and so stressed because there wasn’t enough time ever to take care of the case overload that she had. Not to mention the horrible things that she seen daily. She could never talk about anything which made it that much worse. Thank you to the case workers that really cared and tried their best…

  • As a case worker for ten years who managed to finally realize that the job was futile and was literally killing me and transferred out 6 mos ago, I thank you. I found strength as well as mutual exasperation with the system with my foster parents . I am
    Diagnosed with PTSD and secondary trauma and six months later still cannot wrap my head around the fact that I can answer the phone now . I still have feet in public , take defensive positions in every public place I’m in. People who have not been there have no idea of the hypervigilance and fear that is part of our daily lives – and it gets WORSE during time off bevause ” what’s going on? What did I forget ? What am I going to come back to?” Thank you for getting it !

  • Thanks to Lacey Mckay DCFS caseworker/supervisor in Stone County Arkansas. She is amazing! We reached out to her when we saw our son advertised on tv as needing to be adopted. She went out of her way to make it happen including doing the adoption specialists job when he was on vacation and coming to little rock to get us the needed paperwork. She is always reachable if we need her and responds to us even when she is off or on the weekends. We are do blessed to have her as our caseworker!

    • The fact that she responded to you on weekends and her time off is exactly why we all burn out in this job as fast as we do. We should not have to respond at all hours of the day and night, weekends, vacations, during time with our own families, to be treated with respect and valued for the incredibly hard work we do every single day.

  • I’m a Licensed Independent Social Worker, and I have years of experience working with rape survivors, battered women, teenage girls that have been sexually abused, and adults with HIV. But I’ve never wanted to work for Children’s Services. In my work I’ve worked with many of them on shared cases, and I know what they go through. A few years ago my daughter decided after she lost her interest in going into the field she majored in in college to go into case work, working with families and abused and neglected children. I never pushed her toward social work, so this field is a little new to her. I see her stress, her frustration, her fear, and her anxiety doing this job. But most of all I see her compassion, her caring, her bravery, her professionalism, her strength, her support for coworkers, and the love she provides to the families she works with. She was an awesome person even as a child, and the families she works with are so very lucky to have her in their lives. Kudos to her for doing the job that her mother avoided for so many years.

  • Thank you to all the CPS caseworkers in Clinton County, Indiana. I know how hard your profession is on you. Been there, done that. Keep your heads up and keep up the good work.

  • thank you to all the hard work you do, case managers, supervisors & foster parents! Shout out to Bacon County, Georgia!!

  • I want to give a sincere THANK YOU to all DCFS employees!!!! You are constantly being pulled in so many different directions and yet manage to stay focused on one thing….THE CHILDREN! This is a thankless job and it truly takes very special people to do your job. Thank you for the children you do save from being abused, neglected and just not loved!!! Thank you!!! Teresa Fitzpatrick

  • I am a foster/adoptive parent.
    Our casework supervisor said to me, “You have a bachelor’s in Social Work? Why aren’t you working for me?”
    My answer: There is no way I could do what you do.
    Lake County, Michigan has awesome case workers.

  • To Jess, to Leigh, to Kim, to Sherry, and all the other children’s services workers that I know. You amaze me every single day.

  • I would like to thank all of the Centre County, PA CYS workers. They may not be perfect but they are professionals and they care. They make my job easier. Thanks again. Pam

  • We had the BEST caseworker in the WHOLE world. We love her to this day even though we adopted our 3 kids!!!!! She will always be in our hearts and in our prayers and is welcome in our home anytime!!! She is from Peoria,Il And her name is Angela!!!!!!

    Linda Greiner

  • I’m the mother of a DCS worker. My daughter doesn’t tell me about the things that scare her most. I’m not naive, I know there are dangers. Though she is not a parent herself, yet, she is a “parent” to the parents in her cases, many who are older than her. It’s detestable that some people choose doing drugs over taking care of their children. Some are so consumed with other people or things that their children suffer neglect or do not care enough to learn how to be a good parent if they didn’t have good parents as an example. My daughter pours so much of herself into her cases with a careful balance of compassion and firmness. This job has made her wise beyond her years. She has found great strength to do this job from Her relationship with God. I pray He will protect her and give her discernment and His wisdom through the Word to continue doing this work. I am so proud of my daughter!

  • I want to thank my daughter, Falecia Handley and all the other DCF workers that poor their souls into their jobs. I have seen first hand the sacrifices that these social workers make. They are soldiers in a war that has very few celebrated victories and all defeats are so publicly scrutinized.

  • Today marks he 8th year my life changed as I took a 5 week old baby into my home and the dramatic change out lives took. Becoming a foster parent was very scary but worth every second of time and worry and fear for I have the most precious thing in life a life that that is filled with laughter and learning and love the laughter of a child is something that can change your outlook on life . The “mommie I love you” the ” can you teach me how to do that?” The ” I want to be like you when I grow up” the feeling in your soul and touches your heart in ways you never knew .. I am thankful for the DCS workers and their dedication and delving into my life to ensure I would be a good mother for the gift I have received from their hard work and hearts of Gold have placed a child in my care to teach and love and learn from myself which is the greatest Gift from God I could have received. She is a blessing, a precious gem and we are grateful God touched the hearts of these amazing caseworkers to do the hard job someone has to do God be with you and protect you in all you do !! A mothers love is priceless. Thank you !!!! Do not quit!! Do not question yourself!! For you are needed desperately in our society for it take more to be a mother than to just conceive a child…,.

  • My husband and I were foster parents for many years and eventually adopted a couple of children in our care (as 2-year-old twins). We recently invited their previous social worker to their high school graduation… she attended and could not have been more proud! She told us that the “happy ending” stories are what keep her going. Working for a child protection agency is a physically and emotionally exhausting duty and effects the workers every minute of every day. We thank you for your devotion!

  • Thank you Erica Johnson, Ouachita Parish, LA, Rosie Owens, Ouachita Parish, LA and Elizabeth Davis, East Baton Rouge Parish, LA. I pray God blesses you for all that you do to change the lives of children and families. You have made a huge difference in my two cousins’ lives. They are both very happy and doing well.

  • My daughter was an investigator for DFS and is now a case manager for DCS. She is a single mom of 5 kids of her own. Like in this story, she has to juggle and miss kids events/sports and make arrangements for others take her kiddos to and fro because she’s looking out for her ‘other kiddos’. She drives her 215K+miles van hundreds of miles to get the foster kids where they need to be or supervise visits and make home visits after kids and parents get home, while her own children are making their own dinner or wait til mom gets home late. When her kids are sick and she’s home with them, she’s on the computer writing up reports and getting calls from her supervisor jumping her for this and that. I could go on and on, but she does this because she is passionate about these kids and their situations. Going as far as spending her last few dollars to take a treat to one of the kids in foster care just to make her/him feel special, foregoing lunch to do so. I am so proud of this woman, who put herself thru college while having the last two of her five kids and works hard to take care of her family and help the kids who’s family isn’t take care of their own.

  • Kenya Harding, Calcasieu Paish, Lake Charles, La thank you for your timeless effort and thankless hours you’ve given my sweet girl. Thank you for being there through dark hours after my moms death and always having a positive attitude no matter how dark your day gets.

  • Thank you Jessica (Coffee County Georgia) for doing such an awesome job. Even though we don’t see you that much we are sooo grateful for you and all you do. Thank you for always being available to us when we need questions answered. You have a passion for helping children that shows on your face. We love you. We pray you never get burnt out. Never quit! Your giving & caring spirit is much needed.

  • Thank you to all the Dublin judicial circuit and oconee judicial circuit workers. Mix appreciate you and I know how difficult your job is daily.

  • My granddaughters mother is a case worker. I am both, so very proud of her, and terrified for her. She works so hard, is an awesome mother, volunteers, and never tells anyone no (no matter how tired she is). It takes a very special person to take that job and maintain a life of their own.

  • I’m sorry for those of you that may have had a “bad apple” believe me after years of fostering I had my share. One certain case worker made it so tough and miserable we almost threw in the towel and stop fostering all together… but we knew she wasn’t our reason for fostering.
    After our hard times with that particular case worker we were sent “OUR FAIRY GOD PARENT”. The next case worker was the “cream of the crop”, one who is the true definition of a wonderful Case Worker… Annette Teague in Brevard County Florida. She came assigned to our Foster girls that arrived on our door step and proudly now are adopted permanently into our family. She stood behind us thick and thin and helped with the adoption of their brother as well, we knew as a group we weren’t leaving him behind. Our surprise. The kids spoke of Annette fondly every day that when the time came to pick God Parents for their Baptism, they asked if she could be their “Fairy God Parent” because she can do magical things! She brought them to us and stood beside us so we PROUDLY speak highly of our Case Worker Annette.

  • Shout out to All of Wayne Co. Foster Care team…you matter!…they gave you a new computer system that makes it damn near impossible to do your job, but you do it…they require more paperwork time then face to face kid time, but you do it., you worry about these kids all the time, and that’s why we know 90% will eventually become amazing adults. Thank you to the families that become foster families and give the kids something besides crazy…..we never will see the true worth of our energy until all these kids grow up and brake the cycle. PRESS ON!!!

  • To my wonderfully professional and caring daughter who is a social worker in Kentucky. I appreciate your dedication and concern for those you work with. You are never appreciated enough but your work ethic is always strong and performed with great honesty and high ethics. I love you and am so proud.

    • To Mandy Jo – who years ago advocated unceasingly for my teenage foster daughter. This remarkable young professional stood up for the right of a young teenage girl to finish high school with some degree of normalcy. She went above and beyond when she didn’t have to, and was not willing to accept “good enough” for this special teenager. She carried out her job with professionalism and respect for everyone involved and helped to lay the foundation for this young girl to turn into the beautiful, successful, and whole young woman that she is today. They will probably never meet again, but for all Mandy Jo did, we both thank her.

  • I would never be able to do the job of a DCS case worker. They have to investigate every complaint that enters the office on top of all the current cases being shoved on them with urgent deadlines aside from follow ups and everything else. They have to make split second decisions on which resources might help the family, then in most cases, babysit neglectful adults who don’t follow up on what they need to. They get a reputation of being baby snatchers, when in fact, that is truly a last resort. We don’t hear that side of the story because their reputation, job, and moral have all been smeared. I wouldn’t have the patience to deal with half of the nonsense or attitude they deal with. Thanks for your effort.

  • Too all my co-workers,
    Thanks you for standing with me as we ensure the safety of children & help families become stronger. Thank you for going out to a home with me, in case something crazy happens. Thank you for being my sounding board & support when I’m have a day that makes me feel like throwing in the towel. Thanks for making me laugh when I want to cry, giving me space when I’m angry & pointing me straight when I’m frustrated. Thank you for caring about my family & my health. Thank you being my teammate & my friend.

  • The people in this field are priceless and have a thankless job. They are worked to the bone and always go the extra mile to make sure our children are safe and properly cared for. They are Angels of mercy for all the abused kids in this world. If they didn’t exist, neither would the millions of abused children. I know this because someone very close to me has this job and she is AWESOME! She has children at home and this job takes her away from them more often than not, all so she can protect and serve children of abuse. YOUR children are protected by an ANGEL, be thankful someone cares for your children in ways that are most beneficial for them. Don’t point your fingers, yell, scream, etc.; shake her hand and thank her for taking over your responsibility because you can’t parent right now.

  • Love, respect and prayers to. my daughter, Moriah Harms and her co-workers for doing a thankless job because the care for and want to help children. My daughter works two, sometimes three jobs to support her and her children. She has a masters degree but has worked helping children for years. Her children go without her and thing often, but they are so proud she helps kids. She will be leaving casework soon. She is exhausted and wants to do better for HER children. She needs peace. God bless those who help families and children.

  • To the DCS Worker, and her Supervisor, of our two foster sons,

    Thank you for fighting tirelessly to find a home where these two brothers can be together. We are so grateful that the home you found was ours and that we have watched two little boys who were nearly strangers develop a bond that will last their entire lifetime. When the 1 1/2 year old wakes, the first thing he says is his older brother’s name and wants to find him so they can eat breakfast together.

    Thank you for being so responsive to my calls emails and texts. I know this takes you away from your boyfriend and your own children

    Thank you for advocating for these boys, and all the other children and parents on your case load. I truly feel we are a team in this effort.

  • I want to personally thank my loving wife Vonda Davis for her many years of dedication to being in Social Services. You see she has done this for 25+ years. She has been involved in every aspect of DSS. I can tell you that it truly takes a toll on anyone that is in this field. I can also attest to the fact that it also takes a toll on there spouses. All I can really say is that these individuals that are involved with DSS and stick it out are truly Angels from someplace. They are amazing people. Thank you my dear for your dedication and passion.

  • I would like to thank my daughter Megan Hall for all the hard work she does as a DSHS worker. I know that many times what she sees, hears and experiences makes her tender heart bleed. I admire her courage and her determination to everyday make a difference in the life of a child.

  • May the Power that is greater than all of us in this Universe give all those “Protective Services Workers”. Perseverance and fortitude as well as strength of conviction to March On . They are the last standard bears ther are the Messengers!!!

    • I would like to take this moment to say Thank You to Kelly Westfall and Lenore Wells. You ladies have always told me the truth and been there to answer all the all question’s and Lenore thank you for helping Dan and I making our family bigger. This also goes to all other social workers who are the voice for children!!!!!

  • The DSS caseworkers do the hard work of investigation, interviewing and piecing together facts to figure out when kids aren’t safe a at home. It’s not an easy job, and the decision isn’t made lightly. They are well aware of the trauma of removing a child from a parent, even a very marginal parent. Kids love their parents, as they should. There are many layers of oversight before a decision is made. I am grateful to be part of that process and to be able to stand beside them in court when the decision is justified to and reviewed by a judge. And I am grateful that I am not the one visiting a filthy home, or interviewing a drug addicted parent, or a decidedly abused child. I am grateful for the separation the caseworkers don’t have the luxury of. Thank you, from me. Thank you, from the children. Thank you, from the parents in the future when they make changes.

  • Thank you to all the social workers who try to make “their” little ones’ lives better. My daughter is one of you and I often say I do not know how her heart can hold so much…but I’m so thankful that it can. Someone has to be brave and strong enough to stand up for those who can’t do it for themselves.

  • I would like to thank all of my fellow co workers at NFC in Nebraska for all of the hard work they do every single day!
    Being a social workers means…
    You will step into people’s lives.
    And you will make a difference.
    Some will bless you.
    Some will curse you.
    You will see people at their worst~
    and their best.
    You will never cease to be amazed
    at people’s capacity for
    love, courage, and endurance.
    You will see life begin~ and end.
    You will experience resounding triumphs
    and devastating failures.
    You will cry a lot.
    You will laugh a lot.
    You will know what it is to be human
    and to be humane.

  • My daughter is a Child Protective Worker and everything you say is true! She is such a dedicated worker. Yesterday she took her lunch break at 5:00. I am so proud of her and the work she does. She is my hero.

  • Thank you Caitlyn Hynes for following your heart. Trust the best journey you could be on. The smile is your reward.

  • My daughter is a Social Worker and works with foster and adoptive care. I am a government employee and I understand frustration from bad interaction with bad government employees (and there are a few) but it’s not fair to generalize all of them based on a few negative interactions. I am proud of my daughter, proud beyond expression. Unlike many, she chose a thankless career with low pay and lots of stress ( I feel the same about teachers). So, I thank all social workers (and teachers) that take the time and make the sacrifice to change one life at a time…I appreciate all that you do….and I wish our politicians would recognize the value in what social workers and teachers do each day…and compensate them appropriately. THabnk you both for everything.

  • I’d like to thank my daughter, Sarah Farris, DCS Lead Investigativor for severely abused children. Thank you for fighting like a mama bear for all the kids you have helped. Everything you face in your job was so alien to me. Parents not really caring if you removed their kids or not. Thank you for dealing with all the horrible things that people do to kids. Not many people could stomach that. We took care of your children when ever you got those calls in the middle nite, or whenever. They missed you, but even though they were little, they knew you were out saving kids. They talk about you like your a marvel superhero.
    In my book you are!

  • We just got a new foster care placement. After doing this for 10 years, like the author, I have seen it all. How nice it was when the caseworker called to set up our 1st home visit then realized it was just before their weekly scheduled visit with mom. She called back offering to take the kids to their visit after, literally giving me an extra 2 hrs. in my day. HOW THOUGHTFUL. There really are awesome kind caseworkers out there. Thank you for all you do for everyone.

  • I would just like to give a big thank you to the Hyde park DCF office . Nadege my worker has helped me so much and brought my baby home ! I wil be forever grateful for her. She helped me get my life together and never sugar coated anything. Told me how it was and what to do in order to get my baby back! Thank you Hyde park DCF Boston Massachusetts

  • As an intensive care foster parent for over 30 years I can honestly say that 98 percent of workers have bern fantastic! I currently have one that is amazing! Beth I wouldn’t trade you for yhe world!

  • I am so Proud of my daughter who is a DCS caseworker. This Story makes me Salute her.
    Thank you Sunshine. You know who you are!

  • Shelly Loe-Arkadelphia AR.
    Thank you for everything. You went above & beyond for me…one of many foster kids you helped!

  • As someone who is passionate about this field and is studying to do this for a career, I can appreciate this post. I want to say thank you to all case workers for the work they do. I search for those good ones and cheer on those who are struggling as role models for my career path. There are inexperienced people looking at you and loving the dedication you give to a very thankless job. Keep going. You are a blessing to our world.

  • So far I have met or worked with 6 social workers as a foster parent. They have all been dedicated, likable, and wonderful people. I am particularly amazed by our current social worker, who offered to “be on call” if we received a call from placement workers and wanted to talk it through with her. She always goes the extra mile!

  • Thank you Janet,keri, carrie, mary, billie,jessica Hands down you are the best! always going the extra mile! there isnt enough kudo’s in the world for you all!!

  • As a former CPS/DCS worker…. Thank you!! Thank you for hours of travel not reimbursed because you’re too busy to keep track of your mileage. Thank you for being brave outside even when you’re terrified inside because children are looking to you to see if things are going to be ok. Thanks for checking on those kids in family homes, group homes, & foster placements. Thanks for having to explain why you did or didn’t do something in the best interest of the children to the Attorney General, parent attorneys, children’s attorneys and the judge when everyone is looking to make you look bad because there’s no way to make the parents and what they have done look good. I appreciate you writing those court reports that are due a month ahead of time when things change every single day in the lives of these kids! I appreciate getting yelled at because you are offering court ordered services but parents don’t really want to do. as I said I worked five years at CPS / DCS. Getting my masters degree and getting out felt like finishing up time in a military war zone. I do not know how many lives I saved. I do know that because of my dedication, hard work, and support team in those five years working at CPS no child I was responsible for life was lost! And that matters more than anything else!!

  • To my amazing FC workers in DCFS in La. Marla and Agnes. 26 months on this case and I could not be more grateful to have worked with such a fantastic group of people! As we move onto the adoption unit my whole family will miss you and the terrific work.you’ve done.for our girlies. You’re appreciated more than you know!!

  • I can’t begin to name all the wonderful case works I’ve had or still have so THANK YOU MCMINN COUNTY DCS CASEWORKERS. You all are awesome and huge supports!!

  • To all DFCS workers in south Georgia…thank you for what you do to protect and provide families and children. I am a format county worker and state consultant…I feel you pain. I know you’re over worked and often overwhelmed but you go wit the flow…New rules, tight budgets and ever changing schedules. I know you care or you wouldn’t be where you are. Keep up the good work. Believe in making a difference!

  • Thank you to all social workers this Social Worker Month. A special thanks to Keisha Malphurs and Jennifer Hausly of Little Flower Children and Family Services, NYC.

  • Thank you, all of you that do your part to make a child’s life a little brighter. I don’t envy you, but sure am thankful for people like you! God bless!

  • I am in constant AWE of how DCS workers do what they do. It is amazing to me how dedicated they are to their job, but how in fear they are at every turn. I was seriously touched by this article and want those workers to know that they are appreciated. As an educator, I see my share of shocking and sometimes scary situations to be dealt with, but nothing like you have to do on a DAILY basis. May you continue to have renewed strength as you put yourself and your life and your family out there to save those who are unable to save themselves. You are the true heros…..Thank you!!!!

  • My sister was a social worker for 30+ years. I only heard a few (horrible, scary, sad, tearful) stories. Don’t know how she kept it together. Thank you!,

  • Thank you Steffani Monroe DCS worker Gary Indiana…you saved my life…from 8 years old until I graduated the system at 20 years old. I am blessed to have had you teach me to become a mature young woman and a mother to my children. And Judge Commons of crown point Indiana. All 13 years you knew my every move you took time in my case accepted my mistakes and treated me as a child and not a case number. I was blessed thank you for everything

  • Thank you for the long hours, the stressful days and the heartbreaking choices….thank you foe trusting me enough to take care of these kids, even when you don’t know me and are feeling protective and entrusting…thank you for letting me prove myself and for realizing we are on the same team and we love them….thank you for doing what othes can not even imagine, I know it’s hard and you get little thanks…. We thank you!!

  • Thank you to all social workers but especially thank you to my daughter you all do a very hard and emotional job. Keep up the great work you will be rewarded for it in the end. Ignore the ones that hate till they walk in your shoes they have no right to say anything. Let them go to college get a degree and do your job if they think they could do better most wouldn’t last a day.

  • Thank you for hearing me. For taking the time to find out the truth. For not just taking the easy position that the investigating worker did on top of the overwhelming and never ending stack of ‘really important’ must do items that is a prerequisite part of a caseworker’s job. Thank you for having the courage to take action that must’ve been difficult-by opposing an already decided case. Because that gave me the encouragement I needed to keep fighting for my child, and it examples the character that is so critical in this messed up world. You did the right thing when no one was looking and I may never know what it cost you. It matters, I noticed, and it will impact the life of my child; maybe even save the life of someone.Thank you for taking action and changing the dynamics of my experience with a govt agency that was completely negative before I encountered you. I am a parent falsely accused but fighting an uphill battle because of first impressions in an intrinsically difficult industry that causes parents to react out of fear because often, truth doesn’t matter as much as the importance of getting through the stack so that tomorrow you can do it all over again. Thank you for being a part of the solution, I want to call attention to you because it’s caseworkers like you that have the power to reverse people’s perception of DCS and make change possible! I wish I wasn’t afraid to publish your name or mine for that matter but the realities are what they are.

  • I have worked with many students who suffered difficult circumstances but were blessed to have intervention from caring CPS workers. I have also seen my brother’s dedication as he worked to make sure children were in safe, stable situations.
    Thank you. Thank all of you.

  • To all dcs workers you do anmazing jobs. I have a daughter who is also dcs worker. Intell this article, I had on ideal of the stress, or worrying this job caused. I want to say to my daughter, I love you and you are amazing, as all of you dcs workers are. Keep your chin up. Remember you can’t save the world, just one child at a time.

  • I am thankful for Catherne “Muffett” Gray-Hulgan for her dedication and devotion to the children in Hamilton County. I love you Muffett…

  • I am a caseworker and I can tell you that this article hit home. I have been in this field for 3 years now and I love what I do. I have 20 kids on my caseload and am on call 24/7. The media gives social workers like us a bad name sometimes and it frustrates me because I give 100% or more to my family’s and the kids and it does make a difference when your foster parents tell you thank you. I continue to do what’s best for “my” kids and want to make sure they are always safe and end up in a loving home if they don’t get to go back to mom and dad. Now I get tired of the parents blaming me for why their kids are in care and never really look as to WHY THEY messed up and now I am their child legal guardian, I make the appropriate decisions so that your child doesn’t end up like their parents. Yes, I have had to put my husband and own children on the back burner to be able to do my job. My 7 year old thinks I have kids outside of our house because I spend sometimes more time with my foster kids than him. But he knows that I love him and make sure when I am not working he is the only one and he has all my attention. Like I said I live my job and I will continue to do this and hopefully I can make a difference in a child life and they will remember me!

  • Thank you to the social workers and nurses at Nevada County CPS. You may sometimes take awhile to get back to us but we know your busy and we appreciate all that you do. We know you all truelly do your job because of how much you care about the kids.

  • I would like to thank my niece for her loyalty, hardwork, dedication with all her cases. She puts herself last for the children. I pray God keeps her safe and that God gives her the courage and strength to do her job. So very proud of you. Be safe. Love you.

  • 2 of my very best friends tried for years to conceive, only to find out that they couldn’t. After so much time spent wanting to be a parent, they were blessed to foster a newborn who needed good parents. It’s been a long 2 year road since then, but they’ve finally been able to adopt him through some amazing, hair tearing work of their case workers. Now, they’ve been able to welcome a second newborn son in need of the same wonderfully loving mommy and daddy… and again, through the amazing, taken for granted work of these selfless individuals… their family is whole. It makes my heart happy to know that people are willing to go through this to help both children in need of parents and parents in waiting in need of children to love.

  • Thank you Lisa Walton Sebastian County, Ar., for your tireless and often unappreciated work in helping children. Your work does not go unnoticed. Wish I could add $75,000 to your meager salary. You do three times the work anyone should have to. Thank you. Thank you!!

  • Bay County, Florida. We have adopted all five children that ever came through our home. Some of our DCS workers were better than others but God has truly been good to us. Thank you BBCBC Panama City and Tallahassee for all you’ve done for us over these past five years to make the reality of a forever family for our children come true. You answered the calls, you filed the paperwork on time, you made the thankless job of being a foster parent worthwhile. Thank you thank you thank you for my babies. All five of them.

  • To all those who put children’s needs first regardless of the emotional toll it takes on them, you have a special place in heaven. And, in this mom’s heart.

  • Thanks to all Social Workers who work with children, I know your pay sucks and many weekends your on call without extra pay, it most certainly a thank less job in the eyes of so many, but the truth should be known, yes sometimes they loose a child, not because they don’t care or like a doctor looses a child God’s in control social workers are His tools just like Drs.

  • I love this! As a foster parent I have had wonderful relationships with most of the workers. Sometimes I do need to stalker call them to get their attention but others I talk to a couple times a week. I tell them all the time I am glad it’s them making the final decisions and not me. They often tell me how they couldn’t do what we do as foster parents. We are a wonderful team.
    My hat goes off to them there constantly stressed to the max.

  • Thanks to all the CPS workers in CB. I have been a foster parent for 19 years and I work with them as well. They are all true hero’s in my book.

  • My foster children are so lucky to have Varnado Delmore, a caseworker at DCFS in Monroe, LA. She works hard to do the right thing. More often than not, her efforts require early mornings and light nights.
    Like all case workers, she deals with society’s worst parents and the most vulnerable children. It’s a thankless job most of the time. There is never enough time to get all the paperwork complete. The workload is so overwhelming that she often works straight through lunch. A typical day can include transporting children to and from visits and appointments, supervising visits, sitting in court for 4 hours at a time for a 5 minute hearing, taking calls from angry parents who blame her for their children being in foster care, comforting little ones who don’t understand why she won’t let them go home with their family, taking calls from foster parents who need to vent about how stressed they are, searching for hours trying to find the right foster family for that difficult older child who is hard to place, taking night and weekend call, documenting horrendous cases of abuse and neglect, and missing countless dinners and school programs and bedtimes for her own children. Varnado does all of these things with great compassion and patience. She loves her job even on the really difficult days. She doesn’t let the frustration and fatigue cloud her focus, and she somehow manages to get all the home visits and phone calls made.
    The nature of her job doesn’t allow her to leave her work stress at the office; she can’t just turn off the concern for the children in her caseload when she finally gets home at night…she knows when a child is struggling with the transition to foster care, and she is often helpless to “fix” things for that child in the short term. It is a burden that drives many to burnout.
    Varnado makes great personal sacrifice to do the job she does, and there aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish all that she needs and wants to do, yet she doesn’t give up or give less than her clients deserve. Somehow she manages to be empathetic even with the parents who’ve made harmful, someimes fatal mistakes with their children; she holds out hope that they’ll work that parenting plan and prove their fitness to reunite with their children. She manages to work within the constraints of the cumbersome bureaucracy of her own agency, which is a huge accomplishment in itself.
    I have learned so much from her in the few months I’ve had foster children in her caseload. She cares very much, and the children know she is on their side. We are so fortunate to have been assigned to Ms. Delmore’s caseload, and I am thankful for that every day!

    P.S. Her supervisor, Latoshia Ross, is pretty awesome too!

  • Elkhart County DCS Elkhart,Indiana Having been a foster parent for over 15 yrs I have encountered the good and the bad experiences with casemanagers. And the good ones by far out weigh the bad ones. Great job Elkhart.

  • thank you, Audrey Lightburn (DCFS, Los Angeles) for helping our family become a forever family. Everyone thought they were “unadoptable”, but you helped us adopt them, and helped them move beyond neglected, abused and feral into … well, it’s only been 4 years. Into loved and loving children.

  • I have been a foster mom for over 6 years. I have had 13 children placed with me so, I have had several different social workers to deal with. I have found that they are also overloaded with cases and honestly busy. Most of my experiences have been really good with these social workers out of Danbury, CT. I thank them all for a great job they do helping these kids and always responding to me.
    I’d like to say a special thank you to Jason, Michele, Priscila and Lee. Kudos to all of you!!

  • Thank you Jennifer Treaster and Jenna Martin (formerly of) with St Francis in Hutchinson KS. You were there at midnight and 6 am and any other time I needed advice, counsel or just a hug through the phone. You do an awesome job.

  • Kathy,Jessica, and Amy thanks for all you do I know you don’t hear that much at all but you are appreciated.

  • Thank you for every little life you save, every home you find for a child in need, every home situation you resolve so the child and parents can be safely reunited, every adoption you help with and every geriatric person you check on to ensure they are safe. In helping others, don’t neglect your own children, spouse or family. Take time off, don’t let the job consume you. Use some money for yourself, have a massage, get in a hot tub and soak the misery away.Learn to do something you enjoy that will help reduce stress such as crochet. Keep a diary.

  • You, state mandated Children, Youth and Family workers, DCS, DPW, whatever you call yourselves, are some of the most professionally caring individuals I have ever had the privilege of working with. We are “First Responders” to many kinds of trauma. I pray the world will begin to honor our profession in the same way as our law enforcement safety and rescue brothers.

  • A heart felt “Thank You” goes out to the DCS workers in Dearborn County. I have been a foster parent for 14 years and, yes there have been times that I felt that there was not enough being done for my kiddo’s but, in the end it always worked out. That was due to the fact that their case workers would go over and beyound to make sure it did.
    They are always there when I needed answer’s to questions and, if they did not have the answer they would always help me find it.
    I have had several hard case’s (I work with teenaged girls) and I see how much time and effort they put in to help me.
    There has been a huge turn over rate here but, that is because these workers invest all they have emotionally into their jobs.
    So, Thank You to all of the tireless workers that help me.

  • Catie Clemency from Phoenix, AZ- thank you for your deep care for the kiddos. I’m forever grateful for your effort to be available, to keep us informed, and to always act in the children’s best interest.

  • I would like to thank a host of CPS-DHS workers. There’s no way I can express my gratitude for the ones that brave this field! When we began, we had no idea what all this would Intel how to go about anything or what resources available to us. We may not have been quite as informed about where we were in the whole scheme of things, but we understand. There as I’m sure bad workers that indeed do not have the best interest of the children in mind. Ours did, from the very first visit from Amber B. From children first, to start our home study. Our CW Shaa Lynn M. that has been with us from the beginning. Our GAL Scott B. That knew right away our LO was where he needed to be. Our home finder specialist Melanie C. Helping us evey step of the rest of our home study and now our adoption worker Krista E. We just met yesterday to see us the rest of the way through our adoption. Also our MDT team without the help and guidance of these angels on earth despite what’s gong on in their own lives or case load have helped us thus far and have done the best by us they have been able. Our workers are from WV. Without them our fever family wouldn’t have happened. Thank you! Thank you! God bless you and keep you strong to fight and advocate for these precious children!

  • This article is on point. My daughter is a social worker. She loves her job, but, She’s so busy that she doesn’t have a life of her own. She has zero time for her own needs, like her own doctors appointments, handling anything during business hours for herself is just not happening. Sleep? No, she gets so little. I’m both so proud of her and so worried for her. She’s amazing, as is her daughter, who handles this like a champ.

  • I’m three years late to the party with these comments, though I think it is a beautiful idea to have a place to say thank you. That being said, I’m a bit frustrated with the foster care system that I can’t give a proper thank you. I can say the words, but I wanted to offer something a little more. For example, my wife makes custom t-shirts, but they can’t accept them. The FCM for a sibling group of 3 in my home, but 5 total, is spending massive amounts of time on this one case out of the 30+ she has, and in the midst ends up with a sick kid in the hospital where she has to stay for a week. The rules say I can’t even bring her food. The system puts these workers through so very much, and then restricts them from receiving gifts. It’s a bummer, but I am oh so very grateful for this worker who returns emails on weekends and goes out of her way to make sure the kids in our home are taken care of. I’m not a gifted writer like a lot of you, so I won’t attempt to describe the trauma and history of these kids that I’m sure you would be able to relate to or have your own stories to match. I appreciate this venue and a place to put somewhere that I’m grateful. I’ve already emailed her supervisor so she could receive “kudos” (even though I heard later it never happened), but hey, here’s another avenue. I just stumbled across this site today, and I’m really loving the articles. Thank you!

  • Thank you Brittany Standridge in Anderson County, SC. I know you stepped into a big mess and learned as you went along. You always answered my calls, and we all know I called a lot! I appreciate everything you’ve done for us for the last 4 years.