Kudos for Foster Parents

Do you know great foster parents?  Please feel free to post a shout out to them here!  Please maintain confidentiality of any children in foster care and their respective cases.

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  • Mark and Lisa Rosenberger, you were every bit the amazing foster/adoptive parents that I knew you would be that day we chatted over the fence. I am thrilled with the new addition to your family. Thank you for being such a great Mommy and Daddy.

  • Michelle and Jeremy Marks. OH MY WORD. There are just no words to express how amazing you are. God works through you for your children and I am in awe every time I hear more of the story of your lives.

  • George Jerkins, Sr., you taught me more as a professional and about what these kids need more than any book, class or training I have ever been to. I love that you can still laugh after all that you have seen. You are an example to every foster parent out there and the hundreds of children that have come through your home are all the proof I need. Thank you for everything that you and your family do every day.

  • Mike and Karen Feyhl in Wyoming. No matter they’re my family. I know a couple of their foster kids from HS before I even knew they were their fosters. Always had great things to say about their foster parents. What a surprise when I got older and found out! Amazing people!

  • I have been amazed watching Rachel and Nick Vanoven embrace the roller coaster of foster parenting. They have not only blessed they boys in their care but are caring for the hearts and souls of their birth parents as well. It has been a joy watching them on their journey through her beautiful posts.

  • Nicole Metzker in Winnipeg rocks my understanding of selfless love and endless grace. I love that even “number 20” is so much more than number in her eyes. Nicole, you are a friend and an inspiration.

  • Randy Janzen in Winnipeg shows much generosity as he cares for his foster sister well into her adulthood. His love for her is evident in such tangible acts of help and service.

  • Linda Dickey, I’ve known you for years & seen girls come & go in your house. You’re an awesome woman!! Reading this post was so humbling!! Society doesn’t realize how much of your life is consumed by being a foster parent in order to give a child who is not your biological child a chance in life. I applaud you!! God has truly blessed you with a gift not many people have. It’s people like you who make this world a better place to live in. Love you!!!

    • It is a blessing to have friends like Melinda who love your kiddos no matter what and who support you the foster parent in every way. I am blessed to have her in my life and call her friend.

  • I was in Foster care growing up. Several homes, shelters, group homes. Never once did I really feel safe or loved. Wanted. Then I was placed in my last home. That woman who became my foster mother became so much more. She is my MOM. For everything that word means, she is it. She showed me what I could be and not what I thought I was going to be. She helped me see my worth, not what I was told I’d be. She did more for me in the year I lived in her home, and continues to do now, than any one has ever done. Linds Dickey, you are the greatest mom I could have ever asked for. You’re what I needed growing up. Even with 3 bio kids and 5 foster kids, you were always there for me. For us thank you, mom. I love you.

    • It has been a blessing to have this beautiful young woman in my life. I am so proud of the woman, wife and mother she has became.

    • Thank you for your share Sarae’ . Such a beautiful statement. Blessings to you all and for that loving space you all in ❤

  • Dell and Becky Whited are amazing Christian foster parents. I have watched them take in children over the past several years who have come to them hurt, broken, sad, and withdrawn. Those same children after being shown love, stability, and introduced to God are now happy children full of life. They now have a safe home and a family who loves them. I love and admire Dell and Becky very much.

  • I want yo say Thank You to my daughter and son-in-law, Beth and Steve Grover , we are so proud of this choice they have made to foster. You don’t realize how big the need is until you know someone thst is fostering. Since they welcoming the first two sweet children into their home – children have come and gone but there has not been one day they have not had a child, sometimes the day ones leave more come that very day. It takes special people to welcome these children into their homes – Thank You!

  • I want to give a shout out to Melissa and Matthew and all the other foster families out there. I have seen the situations and stress of appointments and the tantrums. I have also seen the hugs and comfort given in return. It takes a huge heart to do it and without foster parents in the world, where would these kids be?

  • Hello there my names Krystyn
    I am not a foster parent nor have been in foster care even tho there were a few close calls in my childhood but I do have friends and family who were in care… But here I wanna take the chance to say to all the kind hearted and caring foster parents still out there

    YOU ARE DOING AN AMAZING THING AND YOU ARE A VERY STRONG LOVING CARING PERSON AND IM SO PROUD AND GLAD TO SAY THERE ARE STILL GOOD ONES WHO ARE LOVING INSTEAD OF HURTING, yes I understand there is some foster parents who are evil mean nasty people but the ones who aren’t I give all the power to you and pray to god to bless strength happiness and saftey for when it is time to leave and for you too the parent for the danger that could happen to all the what if situations, god bless and thank you keep on with the amazing job your doing cause it does change someone’s life.


  • Mike & Tara Judd, my niece & nephew, are the most amazing Christian parents I’ve ever known!!! They have 3 beautiful biological children & have adopted 3 of the children they have fostered & plan to adopt more!!! I’ve seen them devastated when “fosters” have been given back to the parents who so horribly abused them, knowing that they will most likely be abused again. I’ve seen them heartbroken when the baby they have loved & cared for since he was 4 days old, be given back to his parents at age 2, along with the 3 siblings they have loved for over 2 years!!!!! How can anyone say Foster Parents are just in it for the money????!!!!! I defy anyone to walk in Mike & Tara’shoes for even a day!!! Very few people have the “metal” to do what they do, day & night, 365 days a year!!!! They have been “Heros” to many precious children who probably felt love for the first time in their young lives when they were put with Mike & Tara. God Bless these 2 special Christians!!!!!

    • As a foster mom to many little ones over the years, giving back the toddlers you received as newborns is the hardest part for me. Missing them haunts me every day. Even when I know they are okay… my heart still yearns for them. Yes, we know going in that they are with us on a temporary basis, but that doesn’t make it any easier. My Dad said, after seeing how painful it was for me to lose my first such child, “It is cruel to give a newborn baby to a woman to raise and then take that baby away”. He is right. We do foster care because we have a Mother’s Heart. It doesn’t matter how that child comes to us. They become ours in every sense but legal. But… its the nature of the beast and so we must learn to cope with holes in our heart.

  • Deb and Mike Conner, and Elsa thank you for taking such great care of my Miles and Savvy. You gave them so much love and started them out with everything they needed while their forever family was found. Can’t thank you enough for caring for them with such love.

  • Paige & Chuck, I thank God for your giving, loving hearts. You simply amaze me. I’m praying for you both, your children and those you foster. I love you passion!

  • Our older son and his wife, Eric & Marilyn, do not foster for money! They were doing very well before they became foster parents almost 2 years ago. They just decided when their first child was ready to graduate from high school they did not want to experience empty nest and they have a large home to provide care for others. They felt God’s calling to love children who needed a safe secure place to live & grow. They first got a precious little 3 yr. old girl. Three days after their son went into the Marines they received 2 boys (brothers) into their home in the middle of the night. Those two went back to their mom a year ago. Less than 2 months later they received 3 boys (brothers) into their home and still have them. They have also taken in the little girl’s big sister in the last several months. One bio daughter is now in college and one is still at home. A lot has happened in their lives in the last 2 years (their Marine son married 1 year ago, also), because God is always working! I have seen major changes in children’s lives. I’ve seen them settle into a secure, safe home where they can pretty much know what to expect and know they will be loved no matter what they do.

    Last night we received word our other son & his wife, Scott & Jessica, have received their first foster son! Only 8 days younger than their youngest (20 months). They also have a 4 yr. old. I am so excited for them!

    Both of our sons & their wives desire to adopt. And I pray they will be granted that desire as I see what loving parents they are and I know there are so many who need the love and guidance they can give!

  • Jane and Neal VanDeventer, you both amaze me! I am humbled each and every day as I follow you and all your kiddos. The unconditional love you give to each child that enters into your lives touches my heart. The kids that are placed in your care are truly given the best of the best.They may have come from an unfortunate situation, but they fortunately landed in a home full of love. When people talk about hero’s, I think about you two! May you be blessed as fully as you have blessed your foster babies.

  • Nikki and Dean Yohe,

    The work you do with foster kids is amazing! Your unconditional love and Christ centered home is a perfect environment for a child who needs to be comforted and loved. Thank you for showing them that they can trust again. Blessing to both of you!

  • i know many foster parents in East Tennessee who unselfishly give of their time and energy to make each child that comes through their door feel loved and wanted. Thank you for caring for these battered children; thank you for treating them as your own child and taking them on vacation with you instead of sending them to respite; thank you for enrolling them in sports and other extracurricular activities and trying to give them “normalcy;” thank you for advocating for them in school; thank you for attending court hearings and child and family team meetings; thank you for being an awesome foster parent!

  • I never had a great foster parent. The few I had, I don’t know why they did it! I will say the last one I had was a doozey. I was dumped in her home one afternoon on a weekend, woke up alone the next day. She never put me in school or done anything for or with me. She prayed extremely loud in her room at night for the lord to relieve me and my foster sister of our demons… she didn’t pray she screamed it throughout the home. I do know great people who would make great foster parents. One day I may do it myself. Also I know a few great people who are fostering and I would have given my right leg to have been in their home. I was no ones pick… I was always just discarded, but I know one day I can make some child feel happy about being at my home like they were chosen for once. I promise to make it fun. I just need a larger house to do so. I do have 2 girls of my own… I try to make everyday special for them.

  • Just want to add Nancy Hill Leadman to the list of Great foster moms! I only met her last year as a couple kids from our family were placed in her care. She has been the best influence on their teen years. With all the other children living in the house she makes each child feel like they are Special and loved. Thank you Nancy.

  • Rebecca and Brandon Braun,Louisiana. You guys are heaven sent. Hands down the best foster parents in the system. You definitely don’t do it for the money. You guys are wonderful human beings. I don’t know where my daughter and I would be without yall. I am proud to still have a wonderfully positive connection with you outside of foster care. Love yall!

  • I want to say I am in awe of all those who are foster parents. I know a couple who are newly foster parents. They are wonderful individuals and any child who gets them as foster parents are going tobe loved.

  • Rachel Hensley is the most caring foster parent I have ever known. I can assure you she doesn’t do it for the money. She uses the money for the children she fosters. Buying them clothes and other necessities they may need in future foster homes. She helps them find a permeant adoptive family. She has found many kids a family which has adopted them including me. I will forever be grateful to her for finding me my family after 15 long years of not having one. I love you so much Rach!!

  • We fostered for 8 years, for all ages. We were guardians for three of our girls. We did it for the children, not the money. Our kids were always treated like our own. Dressed nicely, kept clean & healthy. We respected our children & expected others to do the same. We were their voices when they needed someone to speak for them. We experienced it all & never regretted a day of being a foster parent.

  • Tom &Teri Seeley have been foster parents for 30 years and have had hundreds of children come into their home and EVERY child was welcomed with open arms and hearts. Being a bio child of theirs I was given the opportunity to grow up in an warm loving environment and was taught at a young age the effects of giving and helping others in need. Every child that entered our home was treated as a family member, I fondly remember getting very excited when told they had received a call with a placement and we would be getting to meet our new foster brother or sister that day. All of my childhood memories are with foster children in them and I can honestly say I love that. I want to thank my parents for not only being amazing parents to their bio and adopted children but to every foster child that was placed in their home. I know for a fact that they have impacted each and every child not with just a warm bed and food in their tummies but all of the love they received while in their care. You are both angels sent from heaven to guide these sweet innocent children back into a loving, safe environment. I love you both!!

  • Marina Keeping of Dartmouth Nova Scotia is an amazing foster parent and peer trainer. She opens her heart and home to TEENS and makes sure they have a forever home. 9 teens later she is my foster parent role model. I hope to be half as great a mum as she is some day.

  • I would like to thank Jennifer Collins for the great job she does as a foster parent…teaching them of God and letting them see God’s love through her!

  • i don’t personally know any foster parents, but I’ve longed to be a foster and adoptive parent since age 8. I’m still unmarried, and not at a place in life where it’s possible for me. But I’m praying for ALL foster families! God has entrusted you with an incredible responsibility. And I love reading and hearing about the amazing, God honoring families sharing God’s love with kids. I know there are tough days, disheartening moments, and really rough battles to face. Thank you for answering the call. Thank you!

  • i had foster parents when I was in kindergarten, but I lost contact with them. I have no idea where they are now, but when I lived with them they treated me like I was one of their own children. They took me to carnivals almost every weekend. They also showed interest in my hobbies, which at the time were coloring and playing with dolls. Their names are Melinda and Roseaire( names are probably misspelled).

    • Sierra, please go to my FB page and post that info there. Add as many details as possible and we will share it to try to help you find them. I love this! I’m sure they think about you too and would want you to find them. Add as much info as you can and possibly a photo of you at that age.

  • THANK YOU words are nothing if my actions do not convey to you I am your cheerleader who is beside you. Foster parenting invests in loving children and not using children.

  • Dear Bryan and Michelle. You have given many years of your life to provide shelter, food and most of all LOVE to your children. You have shown them God’s love and been a big influence on them, even though it seemed as if it was all in vain at times. Thanks for your dedication. May the Lord continue to give you strength, to finish the race, that is set before you.

  • Tammy and Andy Rine. Where do I begin? You are the most amazing people. I am so grateful for the both of you and everything you have done and continue to do for my babies. I never thought I’d be grateful for anyone else raising my children, but boy was I wrong! The things you have done for them, the stability and security…all the things I was unfortunately not able to provide. They deserve the best, and with you as their forever family, they have it. Thank you! And thank God for foster parents!

    • Courtney,
      I for one want to tell YOU thank you. You really have no idea the stress we endure when it comes to trying to put ourselves in your shoes. I sit across from grieving mothers of my foster children in meetings and my heart really does break for them. I’m so glad your kids are safe and happy even if they can’t be with you. It’s rare that we hear thank yous from bio-parents. We really are here to help and take good care of your babies until they come back to their parents who we hope have had the time to grow stronger and better equipped. Parenting isn’t easy. It took a lot of courage for you to share that. I said a prayer for your heart. If I could hug you, I would.
      Jill Rippy

  • My incredible Sister, Keri Van Vleet, is a single Foster Mom. Keri is a full time Elementary School Teacher (Kindergarten to 3rd grade), and yet she constantly has up to six young children, usually under the age of 4, in her home. If they are not all her own Foster Children, they are some part hers and some part Respite Care Foster Children. I watch her struggle to meet all the necessary appointments, endless impromptu trips to “Quick” Care (it’s not so quick), pushing through her own illnesses, endless terrible Two’s, Threenagers, and 4-5 year olds learning appropriate behavior, endless diapers and potty training, teaching healthy eating habits that include vegetables, endless tantrums and time-outs, hatred from Biological Parents, documentation of every scrape, bump, bruise, and cut on every child, and I worry about her. I worry about her health, her stress levels that she pushes to the ultimate extreme, her heart and its ability to recover as she says goodbye to her children and lets go, over and over and over again. I watch her immediately and unconditionally love, kiss, hug, hold, and snuggle the children of her heart, born and harmed physically, emotionally, and psychologically by those who should have cherished them as she does. I have come to understand why she does it, but I will always struggle to understand how she does it. Still, this world needs Heroes like her desperately, and I love her and every single niece and nephew she brings into my life with every tiny little bit of my heart.

  • Max, during our dark & challenging times with our foster children you are the strength that keeps me going & continuing on with fostering. Thank you because if it wasn’t for your big heart & soft spot for children especially the ones who are so easily forgotten about by society because they may grow up with some mental health illness or diagnosis or may self harm, abscond from school &/or home or may just not know how to welcome the good things or times into their lives so it can feel like we are being pulled into this misery. Just keep pulling us out coz we are good for these kids. Love you dear husband for being so caring.

  • I’d like to thank all the foster parents out there. I, too, lose faith in humanity every time I read about the damage being done to the children you foster. And it is only thanks to people like you that I gain some of it back!

  • Tamara and Daniel McMahon you are two extraordinary people that get so little thanks. I will be the first to admit that I have said on many occasions that you are crazy. Deep down I know that you love these children so much even though they come with so much baggage. The little lives that you have changed to become better people will be all the thanks you need. I am so proud of both of you. I know that you have not taken care of your own health and made many sacrifices. Love you always and proud of you.

  • Colin & Glenda, two of the most amazing foster parents to 3 beautiful foster kids who simply love them and the family that they have joined. Time and energy consuming they take each day, striving to improve the lives of these 3. Loving, nurturing and encouraging them in every way. No one said it was easy for them but they never complain, just simply reach out like know one I have ever known. I am extremely proud of them both.

  • Happy National Foster Parent month. To all the foster parents who give of themselves all year long- thank you for your services to the last of these !

  • I was placed in foster care in 6th grade and went through many different foster homes and group homes until one special family chose to make a difference in my life. I was blessed that my junior high counselor and her husband became foster parents as I was entering 9th grade, so that I could live with them and their 2 children. They loved me unconditionally and welcomed me with open arms. I’m sure they had no crystal ball to tell them of the experiences we would have together as family and how having a child who was abused and abandoned would rebel and create such drama. They loved me as I went through counseling and relived all my pains from the past, they stood firm in their love and guidance as I tested their boundaries, and they stayed patient when I put them to the test by becoming a pregnant teen. These people saved my life and allowed me to become a better person. They did not have to do this and they could have sent me back into the system, but they remained loving and committed to caring for me. This forever changed my life.

    I know from first hand experience that there are foster homes that help and foster homes that cause more harm for abandoned children. I am grateful for this family and the support and love they shared. Foster parents are special people in my book. I rank them right up there with saints and angels.

    Ironically, it was my adopted family that abused and abandoned me. I have experienced the life events of being adopted, being abandoned, placing a child for adoption, and now I am a mother and step-mother. If you are a foster parent, know that you are making a difference in someone’s life for the good. It may take time for that child to heal from previous wounds, but your love and light is invaluable to the healing process. I know, there are days where it doesn’t seem like anything you do is helping. This is a test and you will pass as long as you hold strong to your commitment.

  • Jill, I just want you to know that you and Mike were amazing to me and I miss and love all of you so very much. I thank you for all you guys did for me, and I will call soon. I love you guys.

  • I was a foster mother 5 times and I love 98+ children in an orphanage in Guatemala that I have supported and worked at for the last 15 yrs. it is a humble job and I salute all those who do,it.

  • Thank you to all foster parents! God has chosen very special people to care for his children. It’s a roller coaster of emotions, I know this because I am also a foster parent and require the guidance of the Lord daily.

  • Burton and Sue Wilfong had their own children and then took in 3 foster children that they adopted and raised. These couldn’t have been placed in a more loving and supportive family. My hat’s off to all who do it for the right reasons. ..not just money! !

  • My youngest son and his wife became foster parents around 2 years ago and I can’t be more proud of them. I see the things they deal with on a daily basis and still have so much love for the kids.

  • From Mendocino County Children’s Center a big Thank You to all the foster parents out there you are all amazing!!

  • I applaud my daughter, Carrie Eischied, who has been a foster mother for over a year, with her two older boys at home as well. She is very committed to the children she has fostered. She helps these children know what love and caring is. She is a great mom!

  • John & Lise McMahon, my very dear cousins, new in my life! I cannot even begin to express their undying love for all of their fosters, and they tend to get the ones needing the most love and nurturing. I am truly amazed when I see them with their children; the stories they tell, then I see how great these kids act around company. I KNOW behind the scenes it can be very difficult, but they manage and continue like a way of life. I admire them so and give them all the kudos, as, even though I consider myself a loving, giving, patient person, I could NEVER do what they do. God Bless them!!

  • Thank you all so very much! I’m not a foster parent but I know a few & have dealt with alot of the same issues you’ve been dealing with and the threats to their own lives by biological parents, I use that term parents loosly. I’ve also seen these children fluorish in their foster home only to be yanked out again at 6months so that the child doesn’t become too attached to the family or visa versa. So they never learn how to be in a family. What’s that garbage all about. Many foster parents been lied too by the state of the true nature of a child’s past & that’s not fair & can be dangerous. Need more transparency on these kid’s records to the foster family, not just what you want them to know. No money in the world could pay for the good work you do for & with these children & teens.

  • Two of my friends grew up in foster care one had a great foster mother who loves him and cared for him while the other wasn’t so lucky but I just want to give a shout out of thanks to all those who are great foster parents. I hope and plan to one day to become a foster parent myself someday. Right now I am fine not having kids of my own like many of my friends I’m happy spoiling my godchildren.

  • Marilyn Yoakum you’re an amazing woman with a heart that never stops giving. I am so thankful that you and Dale opened your home to me, and the 100+ other young people that have stayed with you. Thank you for walking through the fire in some cases (like mine) to be a voice for kids. Thank you is not really enough for the words you’ve said to heal, uplift, care and correct. You’ve given so many young people a time out and many others a glimpse of more, more than the pinhole view that their crazy life holds. Again, thank you just isn’t enough for all that you’ve done for kids like me. You’re an amazing woman and I thank you times a million & love you much!

  • Dawnita Westover, you are the most kind, loving, caring, and sometimes a bit crazy ( in a good way) foster parent I know. Although you weren’t a foster parent to me and are actually my cousin that basically adopted me, I know that the foster kids that do come through those doors and that are currently with you will eventually thank you for pushing them to get there stuff done and to do what they know or will come to know is right as an adult. I know that they appreciate it when you take them place or buy them something from the store. I also know that it makes them feel loved when you just sit and watch a movie or even talk to them about there favorite thing. Any how I just wanted to say that you just got to keep your head up and as dory would say ” just keep swimming, just keep swimming just keep swimming, swimming swimming swimming”

    • Thank you, Ashley. I found this by accident… out of a Google search! Lol … I can’t sleep so I googled myself! I love you all and want a bright future for each of you!

  • I have the privilege of knowing Audrey, foster parent to my unofficial grandkids. She willingly loves these kids like her own. She sacrifices what she wants to do for what needs done a hundred times a day. She can’t commit to a Bible study because she has so many other commitments because of her foster kids. She has opened herself up to the almost unbearable pain of watching them go home, again. And that pain would even be worth it if the parents had truly changed… I admire her willingness to do something and not just complain and condemn. She is a hero in the truest sense. She has run into a burning building risking comfort, convenience, and a heart that has to break everyday with uncertainty. My husband and I pray for them daily. My grandkids are so blessed to have her and her family pouring into them. It doesnt take long to realize that nobody can do this job but someone has to. This type of sacrifial love changes you and changes the kids. Words can’t convey how thankful I am for my friend and her family♡

  • My mother and father are foster parents. They mainly care for babies, and are currently 76 and 80 years old. Nobody can believe that they would want to get up for feelings in the middle of the night, take the child to the many Dr. Appointments, stay with them in the hospital when they have to have surgery, and buy all the clothes as they grow out of the ones they have. Some children have been a struggle at times but their love is endless and their patience is God given. They tell people that they are obeying what God told them to do and through Him they have the strength. I live nearby and get just as attached to these babies as they do, it’s so hard to let them go when you have loved and cared for them as your own for over a year. It is so rewarding to know that you had a hand in giving them the start to a wonderful new life that they may not have otherwise had when they are adopted and leave.

    My parents are amazing! Thank you Jerry and Jean Satterwhite for showing us,your girls, and all who witness you as foster parents what true and unconditional love is,

  • Thank you Randy and JoAnn Ruth for all the years you provided foster care; and also for the years, you Randy, served as a Child Foster Care placing worker. You were the first child welfare professional I met in the Twin Cities back in 1991 and your guidance in your role and the way you handled yourself always spoke to me…my first encounter with one of the kindest social workers I know.

    Blessings and Happy New Year!!

  • Sarah & Vance Canoy of North Pole Alaska are truly the most giving and loving parents that I know since her parents. Love yall Sarah and Vance…


  • Charlie and Janie Denton
    And Jessica cox for all the grand babies over the years. To know the stories breaks my heart, but knowing the love they get now, warms my heart!!
    Love Mamaw

  • David and Naomi Meeks are truly a blessing to all of the children they foster. These children are blessed to have them as foster parents. They live by God’s word and teach his word to those children. They are kind, caring and extremely loving people. The foster program is lucky to have them!

  • Dear beautiful Gemma . Although you were the second foster person I have ever met, you were the first to let me into your loving home in so many ways. You had so much thrown your/kids direction, yet you dealt/dealing with all in such a determination, compassionate, loving and dignified manner. Your being keeps so many hearts going, including mine. You are an amazing extraordinary individual and i am honored to be a little part of your family life . your soul touch mine in a most unique way. I will forever be greatful for and cherish to the end of time.thank you for open your lovinh home to me , I deeply appreciate it. I love you beautiful soul. Bless be!

  • Kelly Carmody in Kansas is an outstanding foster Mom! She teaches school, and fosters primarily special needs children. She has been Mom to over two dozen kids, and counting. God bless her and her mission to help the lives of children!

  • Rachel and Troy Turner are awesome Foster Parents who made tbe transitioning of our adoptive son from their home so much easier for him and us. Alabama doesnt know just how great this couple are.

  • Thank you shevon Jones for being my foster parent ?….Words can’t explain how u helped me so thank you for that

  • A huge thank you to penny And Kim Dake from Iowa. They took me in to thier home at the age of 15, it was my first ever foster care placement. I lived with them the summer of 2016 for 3 months and 6 days. The whole time they had treated me just like thier own child. My foster mother would always drive As far as she needed for my visit with my parent or court dates. With my placement being around 2 hours and 45 MINUTEs from my home town my Social worker set up for my first court date to be done over the phone. We couldnt hear a thing and from that point forward my foster momma made the 2 hour and 45 minute drive everytime I had a court even when court only lasted 5 minutes or 6 hours she never complained. They went ABOVE and beyond what their “job” was and treated me like THIER own daughter. Spending money out of their own pocket to buy things I just simply wanted not just needed. Treated me just like thier own child, shopping trips, pedicure trips, Adventureland trip, allowing me to make friends and spend time with them. They allowed me to still be a child while going though one of the roughest times of my life. I am now 20 years old and still stay in contact with them. I have visited them twice for weekend visits since being out of foster care and they still treat me like thier own. I love these people so much and could never repay them for what the have done for me and my parents.

  • Cheryl Stapels, you and your family are often in my thoughts! What you do is God inspired and humbling, I am so proud of you.