Free Braces for Foster Kids

By Jill Rippy

Did you know there is an organization that can assist foster children with obtaining free braces? I fostered a youth who was able to utilize these services.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Your income does not ever count when seeking benefits such as this for foster children
  • There is s $200 application fee. Check with your state to see if reimbursement is possible. In Indiana, the child’s annual personal allowance provided by the state can be used.
  • Only long term placements are eligible. This is an ideal program for teens choosing to age out of foster care
  • There is a waitlist. We waited 9 months.
  • Local orthodontists volunteer their services. They do not take this lightly. They are gifting you with $2500+ in services. Be respectful and gracious by ensuring your youth takes care of their new metal mouth, maintains great oral hygiene and doesn’t miss appointments.
  • Good luck!

Note: I cannot answer any questions or help you with eligibility. I’m simply sharing the resource that we feel very fortunate to have found.


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