Don’t Think for a Moment that I’ve Forgotten You

To One of the Great Loves of my Life,
I was your first Mom…the only one you knew for the first year of your life. You were brought to my home a two day old, 6 pound, frail little creature. My dear, you were a gift from the heavens.

As the caseworker placed you in my arms, you had the slightest smile that melted my heart. You were only supposed to stay overnight, but God had greater plans.

You were my first baby. We did everything together. I was your person and you were mine. You deserved the moon and stars and I tried to give them to you.

You quickly grew into a strong, independent little boy, with a smile that would light up a whole town. You were silly and would beg to be tickled and chased every chance you got. You were my dare devil, my all-gas-no-brakes baby.

You learned to walk at 9 1/2 months and were running a week later. I loved watching you grow into a perfectly funny, smart and rotten little boy.

My Love, you may not be with me anymore, but don’t think for a moment that I have forgotten you. You will always be my baby. I will always look back at our time together with a special love and fondness for your very existence in my life.

You, my dear, taught me about unconditional love… how to defend another person with everything I have.

We may not have matched to the outside world, but to me, we were perfection…a match destined to be a great love story.

My dear son, I hope you maintain your love of country music, or any music that makes you dance without reservation. I pray you keep your positive disposition in the days ahead. I pray for you to find stability and joy in your life. My greatest wish is for you to be happy and safe.

I will keep you in my heart, my dear, and as long as I’m living, my baby you will be.

Love Always,
Your Foster Mom


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